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Nata lies in the Central District of Botswana. And can be found in the northern part of the district. It can be reached by road and is also served by the Nata Airport. The current population of Botswana is 2,331,121. The village of Nata lies along the Nata River at a GPS of, which carries its rainy season flow to the Makgadikgadi Pans, a seasonal Salt Lake. Nata itself is a very small place at the intersection of the tar road to Maun, Kasane and Francistown. For many years it was little more than a filling stop for most people. In earlier years, the garage had to rely on hand-cranked petrol pumps, and the well-stocked 'Sua Pan Bottle Store' was always “happily” overflowing with business. Little has changed over the time, although the place now feels a lot more modern than it used to. The nearby Nata Sanctuary has made this pan a bigger attraction than it originally was. It is still usually sensible to refuel when you pass through Nata. Most visitors who are deliberately visiting this area stop at Nata Lodge, though if you're on the road and need a cheap place to lay your head – the Sua Pan Lodge might be all that you need. Two of the most popular destinations are thus the Sua Pan Lodge and the Nata Lodge.